Eye Build It

Eye Build It Creator Description:

Eye Build It Creator is an eye-tracked 3D-program that enables physically disabled people to build virtual blockmodels just with their eyes. This creates various opportunities for inclusion, creative work, healthcare, employment and more!

1. Create

Use your eyes to create and connect new blocks. Be creative!

2. Share

Be part of a great online-community and share your models and projects.

3. 3D-Print

Use 3D-printing technology with diverse materials to bring your models to life.

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Media Coverage

Developer Diary

Kultur- und Kreativpiloten 2019

12. November 2019 - Berlin

EU Youth Award 2019

27. September 2019 - Graz

Baltic Dev Days 2019

12.-13. September 2019 - Kiel

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Founder: Adrian Wegener

Mail: aw@eye-build-it.com

Tel.: +49 157 / 877 395 73